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The Ratanaram Buddhist Temple was found in 1999 by Buddhist community in Rockford and surrounding area. The resident monks came from South East Asia such as Lao, Burma, and Thailand.  The temple offers sermon and meditation services in English, Lao, Thai, and Burmese. The temple is the community center for many Buddhist people in Rockford and surrounding area. It is not only home for the Buddhist monks, but also helps preserve and maintain the Buddhist culture. Currently, the Buddhist community practices traditional and/ or religious ceremonies at the temple. The temple is open for tours and often hosts lectures on Buddhism to local students. Visitors are always welcome with appointment.

For more information please contact us via mail or email:

  • 4502 35th Street
    Rockford, IL 61109  {United States }

  • Tel: [815] 873-0281

  • E-mail: info@ratanaram.org









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