2015 Event Schedules




January 01/11/2015 2015 New Year Celebration
February 02/8/2015 Makha Puja Ceremony (Assembly of 2500 Arahat-Monks for recitation of Vinaya Rules)
March 03/8/2015 Money Tree Donation Ceremony
April 04/12/2015 Buddhist New Year Celebration
May 05/10/2015 Visakha Puja ( Celebration of Buddha's birthday) and Jata Paritta Chanting (Special Blessing Ceremony)
June 06/14-15/2015 Vessantara Jataka Recitation (Recitation of Vessantara Jataka Story)
August 08/2/2015 Beginning of Buddhist Lent (Rain Retreat or Observing Vassa)
August 08/23/2015 Boun Haw Khao (Merit Making Ceremony dedicated to departed family members)
September 09/20/2015 Boun Khao Salark (Making donations to the monks by giving them a ticket)
October 10/25/2015 End of Buddhist Lent (End of Rain Retreat or Vassa)
November 11/22/2015 Kathina Ceremony (Offering Kathina Robe to the monks)
December 12/20/2015 New Rice Offering ceremony



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